Menopause. As women we all know it’s coming at one point in time but we’re all trying to put off that thought for as long as we possibly can. Of course, this isn’t the best way to prepare yourself for it. What do we know about menopause besides a vague recollection of the stories our mothers told us? By now we know our sex drive decreases, we most likely have mood swings, experience hot flashes and excessive sweating and to top it off we might be tired or might not be able to sleep at all. Another thing nobody really tells us is that we can get very unsure of ourselves. The good news is that the menopause passes and we can surely transform back into the strong and confident women we once were. Better yet, you may come out of the menopause feeling renewed if you learn to listen to your body and dare to trust your intuition.

Estrogen and progesterone out of balance

The best way to prepare is by understanding what’s going on with your body. Of course, we’re still a chemical factory with hormones that provoke all kinds of reactions. The most important change takes place within the hormones. Our two most prominent hormones estrogen and progesterone will get out of balance. In particular, the reduction of estrogen production causes all those unpleasant symptoms.


Be strong and confident

Fortunately, you can do something to prevent or reduce your symptoms. Our nutritionist has these 10 tips for you:


Tip 1: Eat food that’s rich in protein and healthy fats.

Think of vegetables, fish, nuts, seeds, eggs and olive oil. Especially omega 3 fatty acids help to keep you mentally stable and can provide less headache(s), joint problems and dry skin.

Tip 2: Teach your body to deal with temperature differences

For example, visit the sauna and try to finish your shower with cold water every day. This not only ensures more energy but also has a oxygen enhancing effect on your body. By experiencing extreme heat or cold, we’re forced to take regular and deep breaths to our abdomen. As a result, we create more oxygen in our body. In turn, this is good for the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Tip 3: Limit your coffee and alcohol intake

Alcohol and caffeine make you experience more ‘energy dips’ throughout the day. This allows you to have mood swings, reduced concentration and fatigue.


Tip 4: Keep a hot flash diary

Write down everything; What time you get up and go back to bed, what you eat during the day and at what times. How you move and how intensely. This allows you to determine which factors aggravate the complaints so that you can prepare or factor them into your day.

Tip 5: Give your mucus membranes a boost

During and after the menopause your mucous membranes dry out in general. Not only can you experience vaginal symptoms, mouth problems can arise faster as well by dehydration of your mouth’s mucous membrane. Make sure you create sufficient saliva production by using oxygen and xylitol-rich products such as the blue®m toothpaste and mouthwash, for instance.

Tip 6: Take additional Phytoestrogens, in combination with probiotics and magnesium

Phytoestrogens are plant-based estrogens that mimic our body’s own estrogens. An addition in supplement form is highly recommended. For example, choose for the brand Phyto Soya extra strong by Arkopharma. Do you take magnesium? Always choose a combination with calcium in that case. These two minerals have a synergistic action, meaning they reinforce each other. blue®m has a full fledged dietary supplement to bring teeth and bone(s) to in optimum condition as well.


Tip 7: Get enough sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for your body to recover. Especially during and after menopause this is very important because it slows down the overall aging of your body. Do you experience night sweats? Put cold packs underneath your pillow, sleep with one foot outside of your cover or sheet or put a fan on your bedside table. You can also change your memory-foam mattress, if you have one, with a regular mattress. Memory foam keeps more heat and thus, stays warmer.  


Tip 8: Avoid chemical and synthetic skin care and cosmetics

These contain harmful substances (such as the preservatives BHA, alcohol and Triclosan), which have a negative impact on your endocrine system. It’s better to choose a natural kind, think of brands like Squalane, Ringana, Lavera, Sante and Madara. The first two are in a slightly higher segment, the other three are more ‘mainstream’. There’s something for everyone!

Tip 9: Get moving, try fitness

Doing fitness is proven effective to keep your hormones stable. During a intensive, short training your hormone levels increase. That includes your estrogen and progesterone.

Tip 10: Ensure a stable blood sugar level

Your blood sugar is equal to your energy level. If this is out of balance by, for instance, excessive use of caffeine, alcohol, refined carbohydrates and/or other fast sugars, you’ll notice this in your energy and your hormone balance. Try to eat as healthy and varied as you can to ensure a stable blood sugar level.

Menopause tips
Menopause tips

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