necrotizing deep ulcer

A patient comes to drs. Zétola and complains about a painful spot on the palate. After clinical examination, this lesion is diagnosed as an acute necrotizing ulcer. Drs. Zétola immediately makes an impression and fabricates a special appliance. This appliance has a reservoir which makes it easy to apply blue®m oral gel directly over the surgical site.

necrotizing deep ulcer

The patient started wearing the appliance on an ongoing basis. He comes back to drs. Zétola his office after 24 hours and within this small time frame, there’s already improvement visible. The patiënt is recalled after 7 and 9 days and intraoral pictures are taken.

necrotizing deep ulcer

After 30 days, complete tissue regeneration has taken place. The wound has healed completely after 30 days of wearing the appliance with blue®m oral gel. Active oxygen stimulated the cells and created new soft tissue.  


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