Mrs. A. Beukelaar from Spijkenisse (Netherlands) had a lot of pain. Her loose lower denture irritated her gum. She could hardly eat. She could not speak, lying hurts and sleeping was impossible caused by a huge wound under her dentures.

After loss (extraction) of teeth resorption (shrinkage) of the jaws occurs. Shrinkage of the jawbone leads to a reduced bearing surface of a dental prosthesis (denture) which can cause problems with wearing a denture. This was exactly the case with Mrs. Beukelaar. She says: “Tears come to my eyes when I put in my prosthesis. The wounds and friction points caused so much pain that  I could not eat nor sleep anymore. I was desperate and I felt like a prisoner in my own home ”

On the advice of her dentist, Levident from Spijkenisse, she rinsed 3 times per day with BlueM oxygen fluid and every day she put BlueM oral gel under her dentures before putting them in. In addition, the clinical denture technician from Levident made a small adjustment to the fit of the prosthesis. Within 14 days all symptoms disappeared and the wounds healed completely. Preventive Ms. Beukelaar rinses now 1 time per day with BlueM oxygen fluid and she brings a thin layer of BlueM oral gel in her prosthesis. Mrs. Beukelaar: “I am so happy that I got rid of those nasty wounds”.

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