Medi-Dent Pty Ltd has been supplying premium quality products to dental professionals for 45 years now, but we always get excited when we establish a new relationship with a manufacturer who brings revolutionary products to our industry. We are proud to supply dental professionals with products from some of the world’s leading and most innovative manufacturers and BlueM is one of those leading brands we are proud to support on their Oxygen for Health mission in Australia.

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Based in the Netherlands, BlueM takes an approach to oral care that goes beyond just brushing your teeth. The BlueM team, as well as the team here at Medi-Dent, believe that oral health is essential to everybody’s total well-being. We support this approach by bringing in new products, educating our customers and by supplying a range of unique, tested, healthy and efficient dental products. One area of focus for BlueM is post-surgical healing. BlueM products were developed by a team of implantologists, oral surgeons and dentists led by the renowned oral surgeon Dr Peter Blijdorp.

Dr Blijdrop, author of over 50 publications in leading scientific journals, still leads the team to develop the range of innovative products and continues to work as an oral surgeon, as he has done since his first surgery in 1976. The team pioneered the use of natural oxygen oral gel in lager maxillary reconstructions using bone from the iliac crest — a procedure which regularly resulted in bone loss. BlueM gel was developed to counteract this loss and proved successful, resulting in fewer complications and faster healing. This principle guides BlueM and its product development to this day.

Today, BlueM Oral Gel is a class 1 medical device proven to speed up the healing process of oral wounds caused by procedures including extraction of implants and by dentures. It reduces and prevents bleeding gums, periodontitis and peri-implantitis and even aids in the healing of wounds caused by chemotherapy or radiation. The Oral Gel is an excellent adjunct in procedures where EthOss is used, reducing the likelihood of infection and promoting good tissue healing. EthOss is an innovative synthetic bone graft solution for dental implants, used by dental professionals worldwide. Find out more here.

But BlueM is more than just Oral Gel, it’s a complete product range that offers clinical benefits to patients. BlueM toothpastes are an excellent choice for the care of implants and help teeth and gums to stay healthy. BlueM mouthwash and oral foam are fluoride and alcohol free and promote excellent oral health, while BlueM mouth spray is specially developed for people with bad breath and ideally suited to those with sensitive teeth.

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“The BlueM product range is an excellent choice for promoting complete oral health,” says Medi-Dent General Manager Michael Pease. “The BlueM team is collaborative and professional and are looking forward to seeing more Australian customers gain the benefit of their products.”

Just in case you are attending the 2018 ADIA Victorian Dental Show, stop by and visit Medi-Dent at booth 90. We will be presenting BlueM and EthOss products, along with our range of industry-leading dental tools, instruments and high quality dental equipment.

View the complete BlueM product range in the latest Medident catalogue.

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