Diabetes is the most common chronic illness: 1.2 million Dutch citizens have diabetes. Because of fluctuating blood glucose levels the immune system of diabetic patients works less well. The consequence? An increased risk of inflammation, infections or other unpleasant diseases. This is one of the reasons why diabetics are faster affected by mouth problems. Our oral health adviser wrote an article about it. But did you know that customizing your lifestyle also has a great impact on your blood sugar? Read about it in the article below.

Eating honey to stabilize your blood glucose levels

Recently there has been extensive research done on the effects of honey in the treatment of diabetes. In the past few years, there have been regular experiments with a variety of natural products to stabilize blood sugar levels of people with diabetes. to stabilize. Bobis, Dezmirean and Moise listed all of these studies and compared the different results.

It turned out that honey indeed has an effect on stabilizing the glucose levels. In addition, the organs get protection from honey, thus reducing the chance of complications due to high blood sugar levels. There’s a honey advantage when it comes to wound healing. Putting honey on diabetic wounds accelerates healing. Read more information on what honey can do for your health here.


An adequate sleep pattern for a better sugar metabolism

Did you know that a good night’s sleep contributes to stable diabetes? When you sleep less than 6 hours a night, you increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. In addition, diabetics have a high sugar level in the morning when they’ve slept badly for a night. After a sleepless night, the body has to put in a lot more effort to regulate blood sugar levels.

But don’t overdo it! Too much sleep isn’t desirable for your body either. Try to stick to a steady night’s sleep and go to bed around the same time every dy. On average, an adult needs seven to eight hours of sleep per night. By exercising enough during the daytime and end the evening in a relaxed manner, you’ll have a better night’s sleep. In addition, a well-rested body has less need for fast carbohydrates: twice as good for your sugar level!

Change of lifestyle makes diabetes type 2 disappear

We’ve received a message from Wim Tilburg, Chairman of Stichting Je Leefstijl Als Medicijn. He once weighed 125 kg and was severely diabetic. Besides that he suffered from depression and a burnout. On his Dutch website you can read how Wim lost 40 kg’s and reversed his diabetes, depression and PTSD.

“I’ve just been officially cured of diabetes type 2. That’s also why I founded Stichting Je Leefstijl Als MedicijnThere are more than one million diabetics in the Netherlands. We’ll show that diabetes type 2 is reversible. We’ve been guiding well over a thousand people with diabetes through our online support. However, we do this with limited resources. If I wanted to tell all the people with diabetes that they could be cured in a letter, I already need over a million euros in postage stamps. That is why we’re looking for support. If you want and can support our patients’ platform, that’s highly appreciated. – ”Wim Tilburgs – Chairman at Stichting Je Leefstijl Als Medicijn.

Sources:  Honey and Diabetes: The Importance of Natural Simple Sugars in Diet for Preventing and Treating Different Type of Diabetes, Diabetesfonds, Stichting Je Leefstijl Als Medicijn.

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