You’re brushing your teeth every day like clockwork, right? Or do you ever skip it before going to bed because you’re (too) tired? Do you even know why you’re supposed to brush or clean your teeth every day? You probably think you can keep your own teeth until you’re up into late age. And you’re right. Good oral hygiene ensures that the risk of mouth problems is significantly less. But there is more…

Your first impression

Your mouth helps you give off a first impression. Your eyes aren’t the only ones giving off that first impression. Your radiant smile and a beautiful set of teeth do this too. Of course, healthy gums go hand in hand with it. The gums are the foundation of your teeth. If you don’t have healthy gums, you can cross lifelong healthy teeth off your list.

Do you know that children laugh 400 times and adults only 15 times on an average day?


Your gums, a sound foundation

Healthy gums are the foundation of your teeth. Think of it as the foundation of your house. If it isn’t a sound one, it’ll collapse at some point in time. You wouldn’t build a nice house without a sound foundation either. Would you?

And then there’s something else to consider, gums are an important base for your health too. You probably know by now that your lifestyle is important if you want to stay healthy. Even though I wonder if people truly will make healthier food choices to improve their overall wellbeing or health. Usually weight loss is a more obvious reason to eat healthier. Anyway, this also has its effect on your health.

The foundation is inflamed

Let’s focus on your gums, the foundation of your teeth. What exactly is the problem of a bad foundation? The problem is caused by inflammation of the gums. A fancy word for an inflammation of the gums is gingivitis. This inflammation may occur in response to bacteria in dental plaque. Dental plaque is the white/yellowish layer that you may have on your teeth or along your gum line. This plaque is created all day long and consists not only of bacteria, but also from food residues and saliva. In the mouth are an awful lot of bacteria, so chances are that you have a small inflammation somewhere. If you remove the plaque you have in different places than the inflammation fortunately will disappear as well. 

If you aren’t able to remove the plaque well enough and will the inflammation remain for long periods of time? Then the inflammation will extend to the jawbone. The space between teeth and gums – the pockets – just keeps getting deeper and this chronic inflammation is called periodontitis.


Our gums deserve attention and care

For your health, a healthy mouth is important. Healthy teeth and good health have a correlation with each other. If you’re affected by periodontal disease, you have a greater chance of heart disease and diabetes type 2. On the other hand, people with heart disease and diabetes are more likely to get periodontitis. This is also the case in individuals with rheumatic diseases. It is even suggested that periodontal disease could be the cause of this autoimmune disease. But other illnesses such as depression and Alzheimer’s disease are in correlation with inflammations in the mouth too.

Hopefully you’re convinced that your gums need attention and care. And now my question to you: what is your next step to create a healthy smile?

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