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Our mission is to empower people with the best oral care products and healthy daily routines!

blue®m is an international company (from The Netherlands). We help people maintain and improve dental health in a different, new way. We are not just another oral company. We perceive ourselves as a partner to support overall health. We empower people with the best oral care products and healthy day-to-day routines. We believe the mouth is the beginning of the digestion system and therefore essential in your total well-being and health. Healthy mouth, healthy body!

Oxygen plays a key role

It has been known for centuries that oxygen plays a key role in almost every step of the wound healing process. With that knowledge a team of implantologists, oral surgeons and dentists developed the blue®m formula. We call it oxygen for health! This team was guided by Dr. Peter Blijdorp, an authority in the field of implantology. He fitted his first implants in 1976 and has has helped tens of thousands of implant patients before, during and after treatment. Dr. Blijdorp has discovered that the use of natural oxygen has a positive effect on the healing process and on the maintenance of healthy gums, teeth and implants. Read more about his vision  >>

Brushing is not enough

The secret of the formula is the slow release of active oxygen derived from, amongst others, organic honey. Brushing, rinsing and flossing are not enough to maintain a healthy mouth. From that point of view we’ve developed a high quality nutrition supplement. Not only to complete daily oral hygiene, but to prepare for implant surgery and other dental treatments as well. A special teeth and bone formula, we call ‘blue®m | supplements for health’. blue®m products are advised by dental professionals in more than 30 countries. Curious about our formula? Read more >>

Team blue®m wishes you all a happy, healthy and fulfilled life!

Yours sincerely,

Fokke Jan Middendorp
Chief Healthy Smiles

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