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Join forces to protect the bees, our endangered pollinators
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BlueM i love beeing

bluem® loves bees?

We not only love bees, we are their biggest fan! Why? Because we cannot excist without them. The end-product of the bee is present in almost all our bluem products. We are talking about: honey.


The force behind our products

All life on earth consists of hydrogen and oxygen; the two basic elements of life. Our body cannot function without these two. Illness needs to been seen als dehydration and suffication on moleculair level, a shortage of oxygen and hydrogen, and needs to be treated in that way to be solved.

We know that an oxygen molecule can be out of balance and misses an electron. Less known is the fact that a hydrogen molecule can be out of balance as well. This we call dehydration.


H2O2 – een technical story

The stabile molecule H2o2 is very important. Both H2 (hydrogen molecule) as O2 (oxygen molecule) come in pairs (H2o2). In our body the enzyme called catalase makes sure H2o2 is split in hydrogen and oxygen. The body can then deside whether to send hydrogen to certain places or oxygen or both. When a cell is dehydrated, the body will use hydrogen to balance out the hydrogen molecules by giving back a electron or proton. When a cell is sufficated, the body will send oxygen to balance out the oxygen molecules by giving back an electron.

It is clear that H2o2 is not a “free radical” or an “antioxidant”, but an element to re-built “crumbled” structures. H2o2 enhances regeneration because it supports both hydrogen molecules as well as oxygen molecules. A shortage of H2o2 is called degeneration. This means aging, including your skin and scar tissue.



The therapeutic effects of our honey

Why our products are unique? Because they contain honey. And honey is rich of hydrogen peroxide and therefore “oxygen-rich”. This means as soon as our products enter your mouth, active oxygen is created. Very benificial for both your mouth as well as your whole body.

But we mustn’t forget who produces our honey…


Things are not going so well for the little creatures

Bees are not doing so well. The death rate increases each year wordwide. A huge issue considering we are greatly dependant on these creatures for many types of foods such as: fruit, vegetables and nuts. Furtermore bees cause biodiversity. It is of great importante that the death rate of bees is reduced.

The causes are quite clear according to scientists. The biggest wrongdoers are pesticides, mono-culture and the corresponding diminution of biodiversity in agriculture, disease and parasites in beehives and last but not least modern bee-keeping.

I love beeing

I Love Beeing, a Dutch company, are all about the bees. They do everything they can to help keep the bee conservation. They plant bee-friendly plants, trees and flowers for example. Furthermore they organise workshops and education to become a professional bee-keeper. They differentiate themselves from other company by placing bee-houses at companies who want to help preserve the bee population.


bluem® wants to help

Because we care and because we as a company are totally independent of the bee population, we see it as our responsibility to help. That is why we decided to place a bee-house in our own backgarden. We understand the worldwide problem isn’t solved with this gesture, but it feels good to do at least something. Furthermore we will plant bee-friendly plants and flowers in April 2018 to give the bee population a boost.


You can help as well

We want to set things in motion. Combine forces. As mentioned the bee population is essential for both nature and human. That is why we ask you for your help. How? Visit the website of I love beeing and see what you can do yourself. Let’s make a better world together!

Een vrouw met een spray tegen slechte adem

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