Dental problems amongst seniors

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Sally is someone who is interested in the elderly just like we are. She is a content manager for a senior care site but above all a daughter who saw her father’s health getting worse and worse: “My father encountered some serious dental problems in his 60s. Being someone who does not like doctors or dentists, he let it go on too long, to such an extent it led to him eating less and losing a lot of weight. While the causes can vary, weight loss in seniors is common and is linked to different health consequences. Most of us tend to recognize that elderly people tend to become smaller the older they get. As people age, they lose weight and perhaps even become a couple of inches shorter. Most people believe that weight loss in elderly people is a natural part of aging. But losing a significant amount of weight without trying to do so can indicate a potentially serious health issue for seniors.”

She wrote to us because she read that bluem cares about the elderly as well and asked if we could publish her story. Of course we agreed because we are very happy more people care and create awareness about this important subject.

Weight loss

Unintentional weight loss is defined as a loss of 5% of your body weight within a six to 12-month period. Recent data suggests that close to 30% of people over the age of 65 experience involuntary weight loss. Weight loss can interfere with day-to-day functionality, causing a decline in quality of life. It can also lead to a higher mortality rate among the elderly.

Involuntary weight loss elderly

Studies show that between 9% and 38% of elderly people die within one to two and a half year of experiencing involuntary weight loss. It also increases the odds of being hospitalized or suffering a fall, while causing a decline in recovering from an illness or injury. Thus, the issue must be identified and handled properly before it leads to dire consequences.


The causes and risk factors for unintentional weight loss in the elderly can be quite varied. It can be a by-product of a more serious medical ailment. A disease or medication taken to treat that disease can be the cause of weight loss in elderly people. However, the issue can also be brought about by psychological factors or even as a result of lifestyle.

There is a clever mnemonic for unintentional weight loss in elderly people, “Meals on Wheels.” This helps medical personnel and others recognize most of the possible causes of unintentional weight loss.


Many medications have common side effects like dry mouth or changes in appetite that can lead to weight loss.

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Dental problems amongst seniors
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