Recent Korean research reveals that a bad oral hygiene can cause a high blood pressure (hypertension), stated by Dental Tribune. The research has been conducted among more than 20.000 Koreans and focused on the brushing behaviors, like the daily frequency of brushing and the use of oral care products like toothpaste, tooth pick and mouthwash. The researchers found that hypertension and periodontitis are linked due to the fact that the inflammation process (periodontitis) increases the blood pressure.


BlueM, oxygen for health

A good oral hygiene is essential to the health of the whole body. For that reason BlueM emphasizes: “Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body!” The active oxygen within the BlueM products eliminates bad bacteria, prevents and treats inflammations and accelerates the healing process after surgical procedures. BlueM contributes to the prevention and treatment of periodontitis and therewith prevents a high blood pressure. Want to know more? Click here to read the whole article!