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Our story: Every business has a story, which is no different for us!

Dutch ex-international hockey player Fokke Jan one day injured his knee during a game to the point where he had to leave the pitch. As he was watching the game from the bench, little did he know that what was to happen next would change his life.

A spectator who makes a difference

A spectator on the sideline came over to Fokke Jan and asked him if he would like to try apply a cream he had with him on his knee to help with the recovery. With nothing to lose Fokke Jan did so and was amazed by the rapid healing process of his injury. Later he found out that this man, Peter Blijdorp, was not only the father of one of his teammates but a top doctor and oral surgeon who had created the cream himself.

“Happy patients, happy doctor”

Peter explained to Fokke Jan that through his 25 years working as an oral surgeon and implantologist he became interested in finding a way to firstly help increase the healing process of wounds within the mouth, and secondly, minimise the chance of infections. Identifying the powerful benefits of oxygen, he created a formula that he had been using on his patients during, and post surgery to eliminate the bad bacteria and maintain a healthy mouth. This creating happy patients and therefore a happy doctor.

Our story continues..

Although he had used it on his knee, Fokke Jan at the time had also been experiencing inflamed gums. As the primary purpose of the cream was for oral issues he decided to try the extra cream he had left over to treat his gum inflammation. For a second time he was astonished by how quickly it had helped with the healing process, as not long after, his gums were back to normal.

Amazed by the effectiveness…

Over the following couple of weeks Fokke Jan couldn’t get out of his head how amazing the cream had been in his recovery process and believed so many other people could benefit from it too! He got on the phone to Peter and said: “Peter we need to get your formula out to the world, it is a secret that should not be kept!“.

Peter was finally convinced to provide his formula to the world, and together they formed bluem®. Starting as a team of just Fokke Jan, Peter and his son Johan they took bluem® to the market and had a very positive response. Originally selling just toothpaste and oral gel, customers that used it wanted more! The bluem® product range now includes mouthwash, mouth spray, a special oxygen fluid, an oral foam, a nutrition supplement and an ultra soft toothbrush.

“It is a secret that…”

Over the past 5 years BlueM has grown rapidly and the team has expanded to be much larger than just the ‘three wise men’ (Fokke Jan, Peter and Johan). The team behind BlueM also now includes many distributors around the world with BlueM being sold all around the world!

BlueM has always puts the needs and health of their customers first and aims to continue to provide the most effective solutions for each patient. Our story continues….

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