Healthy mouth, healthy body

Wholesome foods, excercise and relaxation, you do anything to stay healthy. Daily rituals and selfcare keep you energetic and fit. bluem helps maintain a healthy mouth and body! Discover our products
Father and son brushing teeth with fluoride free toothpaste

The difference in oral care

blue®m products are revolutionary; the difference in oral care. Our unique formula has helped numerous people with dental- or oral problems such as periodontitis. Our products are the perfect solution to maintain a healthy balance in the mouth. The secret is the slow release of active oxygen. Oxygen plays a key role in almost all steps of woundhealing and/or diseases.

What our costumers say

“blue®m is the ideal solution for me”

From an early age onwards I suffered from periodontitis. I thought it was heredetary since my sisters and father also suffered from inflammation in the mouth. After many treatments it got a little better, but still my gums were inflamed and sensitive, A couple of molar teeth were loose as well. At that point my dental hygienist adviced bluem toothpaste and oral gel. I started using their products and within days my gums were no longer red or sore! After a couple of weeks I noticed that even my molar teeth were no longer loose!

Mrs. Smeets

“Lichen planus no longer an issue!”

In 1978 I suffered from a huge car accident. I broke multable elements in my mouth. The result: bridges and crowns. Because of these new elements I suffered from oral problems and developed Lichen Planus. Then I started using bluem products. My mouth is healthy again and especially the oral gel has had it’s effect: I no longer suffer from Lichen Planus.

Mrs. Scheepmaker

“Results within 2 days”

After my second implant I started having complaints. The space between my first and second implant was tough to keep clean, despite using all kinds of attributes. My jaw surgeon adviced using bluem oral gel and within 2 days I saw a big improvement. After this amazing result I also bought their toothpaste without fluoride- which is recommended when you have implants. My mouth is healthy again.

Mrs. Alles

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