“I will openly admit that I always thought toothpastes sold in supermarkets have the same effect as the more expensive products advised by our dentists. I was wrong! Until one month ago I had bleeding gums during brushing, but it is solved thanks to BlueM… the problem is solves!

Blogger Sam wrote a review about BlueM, in the United Kingdom known as ‘Pink Sparkle’. Sam is beautician in everyday life . Besides a good body and facial care an excellent oral care is very important for her. When she recently became acquainted with BlueM her doubts about the products disappeared immediately. Using BlueM toothpaste, mouthwash and mouth spray has ensured that her inflamed gums had disappeared within a short time. The quickly achieved results inspired her to write a comprehensive and convincing blog about Bluem.

Sam is not the only new BlueM fan. Her father is now a fan as well. “I gave my father BlueM to try. After using the toothpaste his teeth had never felt so clean!”

Of course we are pleased with the positive feedback we receive. Curious about the full blog ? You can find the whole review here!

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