With the help of our English distributor, Swallow Dental, BlueM is nominated for an award in the United Kingdom! MyFaceMyBody is an English organization that makes aesthetic beauty available for the average consumer. MyFaceMyBody informs consumers about the existing beauty products, treatments and beauty organizations through multiple channels. Besides having their own tv-show and magazine, they also annually reward prices to innovative brands in order to promote the growth of the aestethic beauty market. And BlueM is nominated this year!

Most innovatieve product

BlueM is one of the finalists in the category “Most Innovative Product”, due to the unique formula helping patients around the world! The BlueM products contain active oxygen, which encourages te healing process of wounds and inflammations. The products are mainly used for oral issues like inflamed gumsbefore and after dental surgery (for dental implants), oral ulcers and wounds in the mouth. The unique formula is very effective, which makes BlueM different from other oral care products!

logo bluem, oxygen for health

Blijf op de hoogte

Als eerste op de hoogte van het laatste Bluem nieuws

U bent succesvol ingeschreven.

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