I have lactose intolerance. Can I use the products?

The lactoferrin used in all our products, except the mouth spray and oxygen fluid, is made in a factory where lactose is also processed. Therefore, the products may contain traces of lactose. Since only a very low percentage of lactoferrin is added, this does not pose...

How does the toothpaste reach its blue color?

Cl 42090 (brilliant blue) is the ingredient that ensures that our products have that amazing blue color. It is a coloring agent but is poorly absorbed by your body, so you can fortunately find more than 95% of the swallowed color in your stool.

Why is the toothpaste blue?

Originally, the toothpaste has a brown color, because of the honey. Research shows us that users of toothpaste can not appreciate a brown toothpaste and would not purchase it. The most commonly used colors for toothpaste are white and blue. Because oxygen is blue in...

Is there alcohol in your products?

There is a small amount of alcohol in the mouth spray and the oral gel. This is necessary for the shelf life of the products. The alcohol in the mouth spray is needed to spray. It does not endanger your mouth, nor does it dry out, because the alcohol has already...
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In addition to all health tips and oral care advice, we would like to give you a €5 discount on your first blue®m order