Mint tea with honey, honey on rusk or some honey with yogurt – delicious right? Many people prefer using a natural sweetener over using granulated sugar. But did you know that Cleopatra already used honey as a facemask? And in ancient times, when there was no knowledge about bacteria, that they used honey as a lubricant on wounds?

Positive effects to the human body

In recent years there has been extensive research on the effects of honey on the human body. There are more and more positive studies published on the effects of honey in wound healing. It’s well known that honey reduces inflammation and swelling of a wound. Two thousand years BC, the Egyptians described that honey had a positive effect on wound healing that they could not explain.

Honey as natural antibiotic

The many uses and the antibacterial properties make that honey is gaining ground in medicine. In particular this has to do with concerns about bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Honey is therefore used as a (limited) natural antibiotic, mainly on the skin. There have been tests where honey was applied locally on infection-tender spots or wounds. The high sugar concentration in the honey causes some bacterial species to die. There are even wound gauze pads and bandages with honey, especially for the healing of acute or chronic wounds.




Oxygen release by glucose oxidase

In addition to high sugar concentration, honey contains the enzyme glucose oxidase. This enzyme allows for a gradual release of oxygen (hydrogen peroxide) as soon as it comes into contact with moisture. By locally increasing the oxygen level, the cells are stimulated and this accelerates the wound healing. This process works for wounds on the body but also for wounds in the mouth or inflamed gums.


Raw honey is the healthiest

The blue®m mouthwash, oral foam and toothpastes contain organic Mexican honey. This honey is ‘raw’. That means that the honey comes directly from the beekeeper and that it isn’t heated in between. Honey from the grocery store is often been heated which means valuable properties will be lost. Would you like to take advantage of the good properties of honey and its vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and phytonutrients? Buy honey directly from the beekeeper or ask for it in your whole foods store.

Are you ready for a healthy boost? Drink a glass of honey water in the morning! This does wonders for your body. For example, it helps to lose weight, it stimulates your digestive system and it boosts your immune system. Rejuvenates the skin and gives you energy. Empty the glass in one go, this reduces the acid attack and is better for your teeth.

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