One and a half year ago, Marleen Mol (46) first came in contact with BlueM. Her dental hygienist had advised her to start using BlueM to treat her periodontitis. Within six months, she already saw a strong improvement. Here’s her story about loose teeth.


Body and mouth are related

‘Due to my ankylosing spondylitis [a form of rheumatism that causes inflammation throughout the body, Ed.], I suffer from periodontitis. In addition to inflammation in my mouth, I also have inflammation in my eyes, spine and knees. When the periodontist examined me, she immediately asked if I had inflammation in my joints and whether I’d ever experienced eye inflammation. The clinical presentation in my mouth is directly related to the form of rheumatism that I have.

loose teeth


Another approach to periodontitis

I’ve been seeing the dental hygienist for treatment for quite some time. First, I had a dental hygienist who complained that I wasn’t using the interdental brushes she’d prescribed well enough. My instincts told me that this wasn’t the main issue. Because we weren’t quite seeing eye to eye, I eventually switched to a dental hygienist who takes a holistic approach. In my situation, the cause of the periodontitis is more internal. It’s not really a lack of proper oral hygiene.


My teeth no longer feel loose

My dental hygienist explained that BlueM products help support good bacteria and strengthen the body from within. For the past year and a half, I’ve been using BlueM as a supplement to my oral care. Previously, I used other oral care products. These seemed to have little effect, aside from creating a feeling of freshness. Since I began using BlueM, my gums appear to be doing better, with less inflammation. Due to the periodontitis, I started off with deep pockets of space where my teeth moved in the bone, but now my teeth no longer feel loose. And I now only need ‘limited’ treatment at the dental hygienist because things are going so well.


For this reason, I’m delighted that she recommended BlueM to me. Now and then, I stock up on BlueM products and then I’m set for a while!’


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