Irfan Abas sees a patient in his private practice in Bussum, the Netherlands. The patient comes in with multiple crowns. These crowns are placed by his previous dentist more than two years ago. The gingiva looks red and swollen: Irfan diagnoses this as a severe gingivitis.

Oxygen therapy and prophyalxis

Initial therapy is started and the patiënt receives thorough dental prophylaxis. He is instructed to use blue®m toothpaste and mouthwash on a daily basis. The active oxygen kills the anaerobic bacteria that cause gingivitis. Besides that, oxygen stimulates the cells and speeds up the healing process.


Reinforced oral hygiene and healthy gingiva

After two weeks, his oral hygiene has reinforced, The gingiva looks healthier and Irfan performs plastic periodontal surgery. Again, blue®m mouthwash was used to speed up the healing process. Irfan uses this protocol for all of his patients. He states that use of the oxygen creates a more predictable result.


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BlueM case report Abas chronic gingivitis - toothpaste mouthwash 2017 ...




Experience the healing effects of oxygen

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