Recently we received yet another great story from one of our customers. We would love to share the story of Carla Numeijer-Mes with you:

I have suffered from a form of rheumatism and the Chronical Fatique Syndrom for years. Due to these diseases I have to take a lot of medication, including morphine. This has influence on my gum. In the past I suffered from “explosions” in my mouth and this triggered inflammation of my gums. These inflammations caused several deep pockets (up to 8mm) and many extractions. My dental hygienist Mieke, whom I’ve known for over 17 years, could confirm that these problems were not a result of poor oral hygiene. I used to be a dental assistent so I know how to take proper care of my teeth and mouth.

A year ago Mieke introduced me with a bluem moutwash sample. During this time I took high amounts of medicine and had no energy and a very low immune system. When I started with the mouthwash I noticed I didn’t get any more “explosions”. And this from only using it for a week, twice daily! I instantly ordered two bottles. Recently I went to see my dental hygienist Mieke again and she told me my pockets had never been so “calm” and the depth of the pockets were reduced to a minimum. If only I had known about this brand 10 years ago…

Due to the medication I often suffered from a dry mouth. But this has also become less of a problem due to the mouthwash. Mieke also gave me the oral foam to use during the day to keep the saliva flowing.

The oral gel came up as well. I told Mieke that my grandson (5 years old) had a nasty scratch on his cheek and it appeared it would turn into a big scar. Ze gave some oral gel to take home and test on his skin. Remarkably the deep scratch disapeared! Completely gone! I now use the oral gel for all sorts of things (scratches, bruses etc.)

As you can read I am very happy with the products of bluem and will remain using them and telling my story to others.

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