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Dental clinics only provide care in case of emergencies

Dentists, oral surgeons and dental hygienists may only carry out emergency treatments on patients who do not carry the Coronavirus. This is the joint advice of the trade organizations to dentists and specialists. This means that for the time being you cannot go to your own dentist for a normal check-up appointment or a non-urgent question. Very annoying! 

Especially now that most practices are closed, it is essential to take matters into your own hands regarding your oral health and prevent problems. But what should you do if, for example, you already suffer from periodontitis, or you have a pain in your mouth and you still want to ask someone? Our team of oral care professionals are ready to provide you with appropriate advice.  

Need oral care advice?

Now that your dental practice is closed due to the Covid-19 virus, you will most likely not be able to contact them with your questions. This is annoying, especially when problems are starting to occur in your mouth and you can’t go anywhere with your questions. Luckily, at blue®m we have a team of oral care professionals ready to help you. You can reach us every day, both by phone and online, including weekends. Do you have any issues regarding your mouth? Take a look at the possibilities below to request advice from us:

Corona update
  • At the bottom right of this page you will find an opportunity to chat with one of our oral care professionals. You will then have live contact and you will immediately receive a free fitting advice!
  • Read below more about common topics with extensive explanation and advice.
  • Or take a look at the frequently asked questions about our products.
  • If you prefer to ask your question by email, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.
  • And during office hours we can also be reached by phone: +31(0)85 303 11 49

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