Amsterdam, December 11, 2019 – blue®m has won the grand prize again this year. The prestigious title ‘Best Product of the Year’ goes to the fairly new ‘blue®m oral foam’. That means that the Dutch company behind this innovative line of oxygen products is taking this prestigious award home, for the third year in a row.

Oxygen, to make the difference in oral health

blue®m is a premium Dutch brand with a global mission; make a difference in oral health. The new product Oral Foam is this year winning product in the category ‘oral care’. This soft and effective mouth foam with oxygen has been specially developed for daily maintenance of gums and oral mucosa. It is also suitable for cleaning braces, mouth guards and prostheses (such as dentures). The product is available in two versions: for ‘at- home’ and ‘on the road’.

Company with a mission

“Our company’s mission is to give people real help, especially vulnerable groups with severe symptoms in the mouth,” says Nathalie Beck, managing director of blue®m. “Our customers appreciate not only the effect of the products but our philosophy and the way in which we help people to work on overall health through oral health. That this appreciation has again resulted in winning this title is wonderful. We are extremely grateful to everyone who voted and of course everyone who take the effort of making the difference for them!” 

Involved customers support this brand

That a small company from The Netherland beats big multinationals, like CB12 and Oral B three years in a row, that has to do with the involvement of customers in both the products, as the brand. “We see that many customers have been buying our products for over ten years. That group is growing every day. People not only call us to order but also ask for advice on, for example, about cleaning implants. We have an international base with the best dentists and dental hygienists in the world, we are happy to call them in for advice. ”adds International Sales Director Johan Blijdorp. 

The vote of the end-user is decisive

This consumer election is one of the largest in Holland. The vote of the end-user is decisive. The overview of all winners is published online. Click here to check all the winners of ”Het beste product van het jaar”

About blue®m

blue®m is a Dutch company to another, innovative way of helping people while maintaining and improving oral health. Based on the philosophy that the mouth is the beginning of the digestive tract and therefore essential for total oral health. Oxygen plays a key role in almost all steps in the wound healing process. With that knowledge and science, Dr. Peter Blijdorp and his team developed a unique formula. This formula has helped countless people in correcting dental and gum problems. The secret is the gradual release of oxygen into the mouth.
blue®m is advised by the best dentists and dental hygienists in more than 40 countries. 


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