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Daily oral care with active oxygen

Our products are developed to prevent and treat oral problems. Since we started our business we have seen amazing results with people suffering from inflamed gums, periodontitis and peri-implantitis.

We sell our products in more than 30 countries and are recommended by the best implantologists and dentists. Not strange to see more and more enthusiastic people using bluem® for their daily ritual.

Our oral care products


Fluoride free toothpaste

Fluoride free toothpaste with active oxygen. An excellent fit for daily care of your implants. Perfect for healthy teeth and gums.



Our mouthwash with active oxygen is fresh and does not contain alcohol or fluoride. Ideally suitable for people with a bad breath.

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Toothpaste with calciumfluoride

Toothpaste calciumfluoride

This toothpaste contains active oxygen and fluoride derived from calcium, the healthier alternative to sodium or natrium fluoride.

Oral gel

Oral gel

Oral gel is a medical device and intended to improve wound healing after extraction, implantation, chemotherapy, etc.

Oxygen fluid

Oxygen Fluid

Oxygen fluid for a sensitive mouth is a medical device, intended to improve healing of oral wounds and other oral problems after chemo.

Oral foam

Oral Foam

A rich oral mousse to condition gums ‘on the move’ as well as to clean dentures and orthodontic appliances.

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Teeth and Bone

Supplement for health

We developed a complete and high quality nutrition supplement to complete your daily oral hygiene, specially for teeth& bone.

Mouth spray


Bad breath is caused by bacteria on tongue, gums and around teeth or implants. Feel confident with a fresh breath!

Toothbrush ultra soft

soft toothbrush

We’ve selected this ultra soft toothbrush to protect gingiva and teeth. Especially after dental surgery. Find out the benefits of ultra soft brushing.