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Blue Magic

blue®m came about because of a man on a mission: Peter Blijdorp, a maxillofacial surgeon, wanted to make a real difference for his patients.

There was one thing above all he was determined to achieve for them: the quickest possible recovery with the least possible pain. To accomplish this, he went looking for a new and different way of practising dentistry – not one that was unhealthy or aggressive, but one that was kind on the body. Oral care can, and must, be done differently, he reasoned. With more than a quarter of a century’s experience in dental surgery and implantology, Peter became increasingly drawn into finding the right way to accelerate the healing of wounds. One of his discoveries has been the power and healing properties of active oxygen, a pure substance natural to the body. He witnessed its positive effect on the recovery and maintenance of gums, teeth and implants. He developed a formula for oxygen and knew at once that he was going to be able to make the difference for his patients with it.
Peter started using this formula to make the outcomes of operations on his patients more predictable. He could see that their wounds were healing more quickly and that their gums were much less inflamed than otherwise. It wasn’t long before he realised that he could help all patients with this formula, not just his own. His product also proved to work well in healing burns, open wounds, rashes and infections. The messier the wound, the better it worked; almost magically. Peter Blijdorp was becoming an out-and-out evangelist for oxygen, but he couldn’t change the world single-handed. His immediate colleagues found his quest rather odd, so he put together a group of people to help him. Their task was a simple one: to seek to help as many people as they could. One of these people was Fokke Jan Middendorp. Together, with Peter Blijdorp’s philosophy to go on, they came up with a range of products, which they dubbed Blue Magic. People nowadays are too sceptical to believe in magic, so the name has been shortened to blue®m, which stands for a healthy alternative treatment and a new approach to oral care. Peter Blijdorp has been vindicated: things can be done differently. Now, blue®m is being used all over the world, making his dream come true.
Dr Peter Blijdorp is an authority in the field of implantology. He has fitted tens of thousands of implants and has intensively assisted all his patients before, during and after their treatments. Dr Blijdorp also has more than fifty scientific papers to his name, in domains including implantology and sinus lifting. He has also pioneered numerous new operative techniques. Above all; he is the founding father of blue®m.

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