Recently the BlueM team gave a presentation to a group of  several dental hygienists in the south of Holland. This meeting turned out to be the start of a big change for a lady amongst the delegates. Read on to find out what positive results were achieved by using the BlueM oral gel.

“In 2009 I began to develop pimples in  several places on  my face. They were not  normal pimples as they did not disappear after a few days. Then two years ago my skin irritation escalated and 6 months ago my skin looked terrible. My skin was red and inflamed; I felt awful and sometimes didn’t even want to leave my house.

Using Make-up was the only way I felt slightly more comfortable about myself. All the questions and comments about my skin started to irritate me. Ii didn’t mind if people asked about my condition and how I felt however telling my story over and over again affected my confidence. Even at home I made sure I was wearing make-up, you never know when someone may ring the doorbell.”

A long road to a solution.

“I visited  several doctors and dermatologists, tried many ointments and had a biopsy but experienced no improvements. . After a long period of time I was diagnosed with couperose which didn’t ease my relief as my skin didn’t look like the pictures on the internet  . Until now my condition was very difficult and unknown and all of a sudden there was a ‘classical’ diagnosis. Symptoms of couperose are red skin with veinlets. The advised treatment was courses of antibiotics which wasn’t an option because I’m pregnant.

“Besides my visits to dermatologists in the hospital I also did research into alternative treatments. I was searching for answers by visiting homeopathic consultants, skin therapists and a mesologist. I also experimented with nutrition by avoiding certain food groups but didn’t see any improvement. I tried so many things but began to lose hope that I would find a successful treatment. Nothing seemed to help and I became very insecure about my appearance.” 

“I attended a presentation on BlueM where I was advised to apply the oral gel twice a day on my skin. BlueM oral gel has been developed to treat inflammation in the mouth and I thought maybe it could work on my skin as well.”

Surprised and Enthusiastic about the result.

“I started using the gel every day, in the morning and evening on clean skin. At the time I did not use any other products to see if there would be any improvement due to the Bluem oral gel. My skin’s redness increased during the first two weeks but felt less sensitive and smoother. The following two weeks I really noticed an improvement in the overall appearance of the pimples, even my close friends mentioned the improvement. I am currently still applying the oral gel on my face due to the great success.”

My skin improved so well, I even started to go out without any make-up.
“My skin is barely inflamed anymore, I still have some pimples here and there but they are no longer an issue. My skin doesn’t hurt anymore and I am still applying the gel due to the great results. After all these years I have suffered mentally and lost a great deal of confidence but now I’m really happy. I advise anyone dealing with a skin problems similar to mine to attempt using BlueM oral gel. It’s worth trying!”

BlueM made a great difference to this client’s life and has proven to be also very effective outside the mouth. We are very happy with the results and using the BlueM products can make a difference. BlueM always puts the needs and health of their customers first and aims to continue to provide the most effective solutions for every patient.

Can you relate to this story? Try the BlueM oral gel! You can easily order this product on our website. We would love to hear your experience and the individual results.

>See the before and after pictures below. The inflammation mostly disappeared and the skin has got it’s healthy colour back.

results after using BlueM oral gel
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