At blue®m, we believe that the mouth is the beginning of the digestive system. Hence the importance of what you put in it because it not only affects your figure, the condition of your hair and skin but the condition of your teeth and gums as well. The mouth undoubtedly is the start of your overall well-being. Broadly speaking; do you often eat unhealthy and has your body a deficiency of certain nutrients, vitamins or minerals, then that also affects the condition of your teeth. Healthy mouth, healthy body!


(for one Dutch pancake)

– 20 gr. whole wheat flour
– 3 egg whites
– Half a mashed banana  
– 50 gr. low-fat cottage cheese/yogurt
– Dash of (coconut/almond) milk
– Pinch of cinnamon

Toppings: Fruit, nuts and a spoonful of cottage cheese/yogurt

How to make a Dutch protein pancake

  1. Mix the egg whites with the cottage cheese, a pinch of cinnamon and flour in a bowl until smooth.


  2. Heat a little oil or butter in a pan and then pour the mixture into the pan.


  3. Bake at a not too high heat until the top of the pancake is dry and the bottom of it is light brown. Turn the pancake over with a spatula and do the same for the other side. It’s supposed to look beautiful light brown!


  4. Now decorate with some topping like a spoonful of cottage cheese, some fruit and a small handful of raw nuts. The pancake in the picture has a spoonful of low-fat cottage cheese with some strawberries and walnuts.

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