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Oxygen against growth cancer cells

A recent study into the development of new drugs against cancer has an interesting finding. Professor Diether Lambrechts and Dr. Bernard Thienpont (VIB/KU Leuven) have shown that by targeting cancer cells with oxygen you are...

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Honey aids healing

Red gums, swollen gums, sometimes painful gums. Gum problems are unpleasant. These can be caused by untreated gingivitis or periodontitis. Left unchecked, these can lead to serious problems with your teeth and your health. Honey...

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Phenomenal results after using BlueM oral gel

Recently the BlueM team gave a presentation to a group of  several dental hygienists in the south of Holland. This meeting turned out to be the start of a big change for a lady amongst the delegates. Read on to find out what...

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Bone growth after treatment with BlueM oral gel

After treatment with the BlueM oral gel in combination with the BlueM mouthwash and BlueM toothpaste, the bone has grown back. Dental hygienist Gertie Bongers (Mondhygiëne Bongers) from the Netherlands, e-mailed an amazing...

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Chlorehexidine raises heart attack risk

Antiseptic mouthwash is commonly used to quickly refresh and clean the mouth after brushing your teeth in the morning, after eating, and before going to bed. Frequently replacing mouthwash with toothpaste as a quick fix to kill...

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Dental implants market doubles in 2018

NEW YORK, N.Y., USA: According to business report provider GBI Research, the dental implants market is set to almost double in value over the next six years. Owing to technological advancements and the aging population...

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Sensitive mouth during chemotherapy

Joke Vrolijk-Bollen (1950) wrote on her Facebook page: “I had tried everything against my extreme dry mouth/nose due to my chemotherapy. Now I am completely happy with BlueM care products! Already after a few days of using...

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bluem recovers wound

Mrs. A. Beukelaar from Spijkenisse (Netherlands) had a lot of pain. Her loose lower denture irritated her gum. She could hardly eat. She could not speak, lying hurts and sleeping was impossible caused by a huge wound under her...

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