Tatiana Miranda Deliberador

blue®m board member

DDS / MSc and PhD in Periodontics
Professor at the Universidade Positivo in Curitiba, Brazil.




Tatiana Miranda Deliberador, DDS / MSc and PhD in Periodontics, is Professor at the Universidade Positivo in Curitiba, Brazil. She works at the department of Health Science and is Coordinator of the Specialization Course in Implant Dentistry. Dr. Deliberador teaches in the disciplines of Periodontics, Professional Masters in Clinical Dentistry, Doctorate in Dentistry and Specialization in Periodontics. Besides that, she is responsible for the Surgical Training Center (CTC) of Universidade Positivo and Lab M.A.R.C. Institute in Miami.

When she is not working at the Universities in Miami or Curitiba, she works in her Private Practice in Periodontology and Oral Implantology. Dr. Deliberador has worked on more than 150 scientific articles in the field of Dental Surgery and Periodontology. With her case report ‘Pocket reduction within 30 days with blue®m oral gel’, she won the blue®m case report competition in 2019 and received the Key Opinion Leader Award. 


Which prizes to win?

Five finalists* will be selected and invited as VIP to the blue®m booth at the EuroPerio10 Exhibition, and will present their posters there for the final judgement from the blue®m board. There will only be 1 ultimate winner.


VIP treatment to EuroPerio10

  • Complete trip to EuroPerio10 in Copenhagen**
  • Flight ticket to Denmark – Copenhagen
  • Hotel accommodation + dinners during EuroPerio10
  • Entrance to the exhibition (upgrade with conference entrance at finalist’s own expense)
  • Exposure of your poster on the blue®m booth
  • One winner will be picked at the EuroPerio10 and rewarded with a special prize. 


*In case of a submission by a team: only the main author from each of the 5 finalist posters will be invited.

**Any necessary Visa application to be arranged by the finalist him/herself


How to participate?

Each participant (individual or team) makes a scientific research report or clinical case report on poster format (e-Poster). The posters will be assessed by the blue®m board  and will be judged on content, scientific value and creativity. 

The poster must demonstrate one of these options:

  • Original scientific research which has an application to oxygen therapy with blue®m
  • A clinical case report / case series which demonstrates the use of blue®m (in any topic, there will be no separate categories)


Any dental clinician (professional or researcher) can sign up.  Only 1 entry per clinician. Participating is free of costs. 

To enter the competition you’ll need to fill in a short application form below this page.

After you’ve successfully been enrolled to the competition, a confirmation is sent to you by email.  You’ll now be part of the group of progressive professionals and you will receive a frequent newsletter with exclusive content and tips from leading dental professionals!


How does this contest work?

The contest consists of various stages:


Stage 1: Fill in the application form on our website. A confirmation is send to you by e-mail and you’ll receive an e-Poster template.
Stage 2: Submit your e-Poster before February 28th 2021 by uploading the poster in the appropriate format to the website.
Stage 3: Assessment, rating and selection of finalists by our board
The members of the jury will review the top posters and select five finalists who will be going to EuroPerio10 in Copenhagen.
Stage 4: Award ceremony at EuroPerio (finalist will give an oral presentation in booth before the final decision)



  • Scientific research report or clinical case report on e-Poster format, designed in the bluem template
  • Entrants can be individuals or teams (with maximum of 5 people)
  • Posters are judged on the content, scientific value and creativity
  • The blue®m philosophy needs to be respected: no aggressive chemical therapy, just supporting the body’s own healing process. 
  • Cases need to be well documented and provided with background information, anamnesis, therapy followed, etc.
    We suggest to use the CARE checklist
  • English is the main language of the contest.
Guidelines for the e-Poster

After a successful registration you will be able to upload your electronic poster. 

  • In order to create your e-poster, you can use a PowerPoint­ or Keynote template which has already the right dimensions and recommended font sizes.
    You’ll receive the templates with the confirmation that is send to you by e-mail
  • The template only needs to be exported as a PDF file.
  • Each poster must be submitted as:
    • ­ a single page PDF file (.PPT or .KEY ­files can not be accepted.)
    • ­ with a size of 1’080 by 1’536 pixels or 381 by 542 mm (w x h)
    • ­ in portrait orientation
  • You can enrich your poster by embedding figures/pictures or tables (no videos allowed)
  • If you wish to add videos or animations, we only allow them as a separate attachment, together with the poster in PDF file
    • ­30 seconds max. length
    • use .avi, .mp4, .mov, .mpeg
  • The video/animation will not be included in the scoring of each poster


Types & Structure

  • Abstracts should be of no more than 300 words.
  • You could either choose between a Research presentation or Clinical report presentation.
  • The structure of the abstract depended on the type that was chosen:
  • A. Research presentation
        Structure: Background & Aim, Methods, Results, Conclusions
  • B. Clinical report presentation
    A clinical report presentation should describe clinical techniques, case reports or case series.
      Structure: Background & Aim, Case Report & Results, Conclusions


  • 2 table and 12 figures per abstract is allowed.
  • A maximum of 5 authors is allowed.


Presentation mode

Note: Only one abstract for each presenting author is allowed.

Example e-Poster

blue®m Key Opinion Leader of 2019, Prof. Dr. Tatiana Miranda, launches the poster contest by sharing one of her reports in e-Poster format as an example.
Also president of blue®m board, Minas Leventis, created a spectacular e-Poster and board member Alberto Miselli from Venezuela has translated one of his best clinical cases into an e-Poster.”


Our inspiration

Peter Blijdorp – founding father of blue®m

It is our mission to help as many people as possible, especially those who suffer from oral problems. We are pursuing the journey of our founding founder, oral surgeon Peter Blijdorp. He only wanted one thing for his patients: the fastest possible recovery with as little pain as possible. He is now retired, but still driven to help people and solve problems. Team blue®m has taken over his quest. We are working passionately every day, not only from The Netherlands, but from many big cities in the world, to continue his life’s work. Striving to create a better and healthier world. Are you willing to join us?



“Be open to the latest developments and dare to go further. Don’t be paralysed by fixed rules, dare to explore with common sense if it helps the patient. Use your sound judgement and make sure that you’re well informed! Share your knowledge with others and learn from them. Do it together. And: do everything with fun and especially with the necessary quirks, but stay responsible. This way your work keeps its interesting and challenging edge.”


The other blue®m board members are:

Irfan Abas 🇳🇱 |  Ajay Kakar 🇮🇳 | Alberto Miselli 🇻🇪 | Minas Leventis 🇬🇷🇬🇧

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