In your bag or purse, in the car, on your desk and, of course, at home; you probably have a pack of gum are everywhere. And, if you don’t any, you can buy it. Not only to ensure a fresh breath but in particular, to enjoy other benefits that a piece of gum brings. (Provided you choose the appropriate chewing gum). Read on to discover which other benefits there are.

Chewing gum for clean teeth

When you’re chewing, the production of saliva in your mouth is stimulated. And when you say, saliva, you can say goodbye to bad bacteria and acids that affect your teeth. If you don’t have the time or the ability to brush your teeth, use chewing gum as a substitute.

Chewing gum decreases nausea

Even though you may not feel like it when you’re nauseous, chewing a piece of gum can really help to decrease your nausea. It’ll boost your digestion glands and therefore encourages the secretion of the stomach and the intestinal hormones with less and less nausea as a result.

It decreases cravings

Just like brushing your teeth, chewing gum can decrease your cravings. The mint flavour affects the taste of your snack and you’ll probably eat less of it or choose not to have a snack at all. Easy does it!


Chewing gum for better digestion

Your intestines get a signal from your brain that food is on it’s way by chewing gum. In other words, they’re ready to go. The production of stomach and other digestive juices starts. Beware you don’t burn extra calories chewing on a piece of gum.

Better focus, use chewing gum

Research shows that chewing gum increases the oxygen supply to the brain and that it activates certain areas in your brain. The consequence: A better focus/concentration for visual and auditory memory tasks. Oxygen for health!

That’s why lots of children are allowed to bring a packet of gum besides something to eat and drink when they’re having (school) exams.




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